John W

Poway, CA
Solar System Size: 7.800 Kw.
LG260 modules, and SMA SB7000
Installed: May 20, 2015

“Ross and his team at GR8 Energy were a pleasure to work with. My wife and I met with several other contractors over the course of our search for the right solar company, and in the end it was a no brainer to work with GR8 Energy. Where most of the other providers seemed more interested in selling a particular product they specialized in, or pressuring us to go with a more costly overall project, Ross was straightforward with what he saw our needs were. In fact, he went out of his way to make sure that we were not going to over spend on any of the aspects of installing a solar system (in some instances without us specifically asking)!

I will also say that this was a very customer oriented process that Ross and his team provided us. We were never pressured to hurry up and make any decision. We looked into several different options in terms of panel and inverter manufacturers, and he was always happy to oblige us with new cost estimates. In addition, he did not inundate my wife and I with follow up calls and emails on an hourly basis like some of the other providers we contacted. Ross and his team seemed to know that this was a major project for us, and allowed us the time we needed to make an informed and proper decision.

I would recommend GR8 Energy to anyone looking for an honest, courteous, personal feel when it comes to purchasing their solar project. I would be happy to personally vouch for their service and workmanship!”